PickCup A must have for all golf courses – during but also after COVID-19!


The new Pitchfix PickCup was developed in response to the recent rule change that allows golfers to leave the flag in the hole when putting. This should speed up the game, but has led to unexpected damage to the edge of the hole as many golfers do not remove the flag when taking the ball out. By default, the PickCup is mounted at the bottom of the hole, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can create shallow holes with PickCup by adjusting the height to avoid touching the flagpole.

The product development system at PITCHFIX quickly realized that the PickCup, with the appropriate adjustments, could help golfers all over the world to continue playing their favourite sport safely. This idea was quickly adopted by many clubs around the world and closed clubs can now open earlier.

By reducing the need to touch the flagpole, PickCup significantly minimizes the risk of new COVID-19 infections. PickCup also reduces maintenance costs, as the edges of the holes are protected. It is also a considerable relief for golfers with back problems, as they now have to bend down less. Fewer contacts, fewer infections, more golf!

COVID-19 higher cup position:
So that the ball can be safely retrieved from the now flat hole with 2 fingers without making contact with the flag.

Regular position:
According to Corona, this solution helps to protect the holes (as you no longer have to reach into the hole and damage the edges) and also protects the backs of older golfers, as the ball is pulled out with the flag. The PickCup has already been approved by the R&A.









We have been able to reserve large quantities for you, as contact and thus reducing the risk of infection is one of the main requirements for the reopening of the sites in Germany and Austria.

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