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Europe’s leading full-range supplier of pro store articles and golf course equipment.

Our brands in the space equipment



From prestigious championship golf courses to the World Cup, the most important turf in the world has been maintained by Ransomes Jacobsen for more than a century. Ransomes is known for high quality, competitive products and the most comprehensive range of lawn care equipment in the industry.
The lightweight, reliable mowers from Jacobsen have been tried and tested over decades and score highly in terms of cutting quality, maneuverability and performance – on any lawn. The focus on environmental awareness and the move towards zero waste are driving innovation.

E-carts and commercial vehicles

Uncompromisingly efficient with SDI lithium technology Golf carts, utility vehicles and people carriers from E-Z-GO and Cushman support you in everyday life, make your round of golf easier, transport guests, materials and tools and help where they are needed.

Our range of seating equipment

Golf Tech, founded in 1988, is one of the world’s leading golf manufacturers and distributors.
Our offer extends to the pro store as well as to the court equipment and machine area.
With our extensive range, Golf Tech is now Europe’s largest independent golf distributor and a full-service provider in the golf sector. Golf Tech serves sports retailers, pro store operators, golf course owners and green keepers as well as managers. With the brands Dura Range, Miltona, Par Aide, Pattisson, Range Servant, Ryan, Smithco, Standard Golf, Triton Golf and Turfco, Golf Tech offers all-round support for your golf course equipment.

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