Golf Tech joins “World Wide Golf Brands”.

Golf Tech joins “World Wide Golf Brands”.


Golf Tech, the Austrian golf company founded in 1988, acquires a stake in the leading English golf importer “World Wide Golf Brands” in England.

Golf Tech,( the parent company of the BIG MAX and Zoom brands, founded in 1988 and based in Vienna with branches in Germany, England and the USA, acquires a stake in the English company World Wide Golf Brands(, thus securing optimum access to the English golf market. This with the clear aim of further expanding its market position in the UK even after Brexit.

Thanks to the highly successful BIG MAX brand, Golf Tech has become the world market leader in golf trolleys and waterproof golf bags in recent years. Through massive investment in development and engineering over the last 10 years, BIG MAX has revolutionized golf trolley technology for the second time. While it was the first 3-wheel trolley TI 1000( in 1999 that changed the then common technique of pulling to the more comfortable pushing, folding was fundamentally changed 8 years ago and the flat-fold system was invented( A system in which the trolley can be automatically folded to a minimum and the wheels automatically fold flat, reducing the packing size to a minimum. As a result, BIG MAX, with its Blade and Autofold FF models, has held a market share of over 40% in Europe for years and has also been able to win over the US market since last year.

Restricted by Brexit, the Austrians’ triumphant advance was abruptly halted in January, as exports from the central warehouse in Vienna became more expensive and transit times increased. So, without further ado, the decision was made to seize the opportunity and to purchase golf clothing from the leading English supplier and producer of golf and functional clothing, Oskar Jacobsen Golf (
), Stuburt Golf and the owner of the traditional brand Mac Gregor, formerly owned by Greg Norman .

With its international network, Golf Tech brings synergies through its successful subsidiary in the USA in addition to its worldwide contacts. The BIG MAX brand is sold in over 50 countries around the world. “It was important to us,” says Thomas Reiter, founder and owner of Golf Tech, “to further expand sales in the UK, as we have invested a great deal in recent years and our success has also shown us that we can exploit the potential here.” The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

In the future, Golf Tech will organize the distribution of Mac Gregor, Oscar Jacobsen Golf and Stuburt Golf in Europe and the USA and World Wide Golf Brands will distribute the BIG MAX and Zoom brands through its network in the UK and Ireland.

Graeme Stevens, Managing Director and new partner of Thomas Reiter, is also delighted about this. Graeme Stevens himself has been active in the golf scene for 30 years and knows which blue chip he has in his hands with these brands in the future on the island.

Both Reiter and Stevens are confident that this new partnership will pave the way for further growth in the coming years.


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