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With ZOOM golf equipment, a competitive advantage on the course is guaranteed. Our new generation of rangefinders, gloves and golf socks offer maximum functionality and high-quality design at an affordable price.

ZOOM golf gloves

ZOOM golf gloves score points with intelligent materials, adapted to the different
Requirements. Numerous innovative features enable unrestricted play, regardless of the external conditions.


The FLEXX-FIT technology ensures that the glove follows the contours of your hand to achieve a natural fit. So-called flex zones are designed for different hand sizes and give the player the feeling that the glove fits like a second skin. – GLOVE 2.0

ZOOM golf socks

ZOOM golf socks fit the foot like a second skin. They offer a new level of stability and comfort on the golf course. Available in all sizes and in many colors.

The best premium materials ensure an optimum fit and feel on the golf course. Socks 2.0

The Flexx-Fit technology guarantees that the sock fits every size.

Innovative flex zones ensure that the sock does not lose its fit in the long term.

ZOOM Rankfinder – Golfing like never before!

The ZOOM Rangefinder Focus Tour and Focus X set new standards in golf technology. This makes them a must-have for golfers.

With premium functions that professionals on the European Tour already rely on and an unbeatable price-performance ratio, the Rangefinder can confidently be described as a flagship killer.


The FLEXX-FIT technology allows the glove to adapt exactly to your hand, creating a natural feel. The design is a mix of flexible zones that fits your hand perfectly, like a second skin.


ZOOM gloves wrinkle 80% less and stay in perfect shape longer than traditional gloves. This enables a better grip on the racket.


ZOOM gloves adapt within the first minute of wear and enable you to get your golf game off to an excellent start.


ZOOM gloves fit like a second skin. They were developed for golfers who want to give their best and do not want to compromise.

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