First lithium-powered fairway mower in the golf sector @ Harrogate/UK


The first fully lithium-powered mower in the golf sector





acobsen will unveil the super-lightweight SLF1 ELiTE 5-spindle mower at BTME 2023, after perfecting our sustainable innovation with the industry’s first fully lithium-powered fairway mower

– Proven, high-performance, perfected cutting quality
– Up to 7 hours of use with 1 battery charge
– Light and maneuverable for undulating lawns
– low-noise, clean design without hydraulics


Samsung lithium technology with 60 million operating hours on the best professional turf worldwide.


Lower weight, no hydraulic oil, virtually silent operation and minimal vibration.


The all-wheel drive takes on the most demanding terrain.


Jake’s leading ELiTE Li-ion battery with 508 ampere hours. Up to 7 hours of operation with each charge. The integrated charger allows the battery to be recharged overnight and is compatible with most conventional electrical installations. Our most advanced, integrated and remotely controllable monitoring system with lockable speed and cutting frequency control.

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