2023 is all about “ZERO EMISSION”


Jacobsen underscores its commitment to electrification and leadership in lithium technology by unveiling the new SLF1 ELiTE five-mower lithium mower at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. Jacobsen shared booth 2041 with sister brand Cushman at the Orange County Convention, and 100% of the units on display were ELiTE Lithium models. ELiTE lithium vehicles and mowers are powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology, which has been proven in over sixty million hours of use on golf courses worldwide. The new SLF1 ELiTE lithium mower offers Jake’s signature cutting quality with new benefits for operators and owners. The lithium drive ensures quiet mowing with minimal vibration, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity and operating time. The leading ELiTE lithium battery from Jake with more than 500 ampere hours enables an operating time of over 5.5 hours per charge. This runtime is industry-leading for an all-electric mower and covers more of a golf course on a single charge than comparable offerings. In addition, the device offers convenient overnight charging that is compatible with the existing universal electrical infrastructure, so that it can simply be plugged into the socket at the end of the day to be ready for the next day. The hydraulic-free design rounds off a proven and powerful machine that is a leader among lithium mowers in terms of range and cutting quality.

E-Z-GO was the pioneer, Cushman followed suit and Jacobsen is following suit in leaps and bounds. The “ZERO EMISSION” drive with lithium-ion batteries is very popular and continues to gain momentum. The carts and machines from E-Z-GO, Cushman and Jacobsen are whisper-quiet, emission-free, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

But work has also been going on in the vehicle sector for several years now to improve carts so that they are more environmentally and climate-friendly, protect the turf and drive through the countryside with zero emissions. E-Z-GO was able to do just that with the lithium-ion batteries, as they reduce the weight of the cart many times over, which in turn leads to environmentally friendly operation of the cart in every respect. What’s more, a lithium-ion battery is far more efficient and energy-saving than conventional lead-acid batteries, so sustainability is not just a top priority at E-Z-GO, it’s a top priority.

But this technology is not only used in the golf sector, other sectors such as camping, industry, hotel facilities, shopping centers and many more have also recognized the advantages of this efficient and green drive. E-Z-GO and Cushman carts with lithium drives can already be found in many areas.

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