Today, PowerBilt golf enjoys a reputation and prestige unmatched in the golf world. The company is still privately-held and family-owned, and retains the same philosophy of craftsmanship and friendliness that provided such a firm foundation in 1916. PowerBilt has enjoyed a rich history in professional golf exposure and success includes such outstanding players as Isao Aoki, Miller Barber, Frank Beard, Charles Coody, Bill Kratzert, Bobby Nichols, Fuzzy Zoeller, Larry Mize, Steve Lowery, Kenny Perry, Leonard Thompson, Chip Beck, Jodie Mudd, Ted Schultz, and Grant Waite as contract tour players.Many others who have played individual drivers or iron sets have also won through the years. These players have led to over 140 professional tour wins including 8 Major Championships won by PowerBilt contract Tour Professionals.