Maintenance + storage of golf carts during winter season

  • Published: 11 December 2018
  • Category: Allgemein

The winter has now arrived. So that you can use your existing Golfcart fleet fully in the new season again, we have summarized here for you the most important maintenance and care instructions.

Trojan T-875 Trojan T-105 NEU

• If possible, do not discharge batteries deeply (discharge of max. 45-50% freeze-proof up to -17 ° C, fully charged batteries up to -70 ° C freeze-proof, note on the charge control indicator)

• Reconnect the charger after a short use!

• Regularly check distilled water and top up after charging (as the acid expands during charging)

• Note the level! DO NOT overfill batteries! (BFS system)

• Charge batteries at longer intervals of the vehicle at regular intervals (especially in winter) and before turn off the main switch (under passenger seat) (Tow / Maintenance)!

• Check the charging process at the beginning, i. Check whether the ampere meter on the charger indicates the load or turns on the charger!

• Experience: Properly maintained and maintained batteries can be used for at least> 5 years and then slow down in performance.

For questions or further information, we are always happy to help you.


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