A must have for all golf courses during social distancing – and a fantastic addition for the future!


The golf season for many European golf courses starts in mid-May, so everyone should be preparing now for the new requirements that need to be taken into account during the corona pandemic.

The new Pitchfix PickCup solves the problem of touching flagsticks and risking contamination. The intelligent PickCup system works in such a way that, shallow holes can be created and the ball can be removed from the hole without contact, thanks to its flexible height adjustment.

IMPORTANT! The PickCup works in 2 settings that allow for a meaningful use, both before and after Corona!


Option 2: COVID-19 higher cup position
Helps to remove the ball safely from the shallow hole without touching the flag.

Option 1: standard position
This allows for removal of the ball from the standard depth hole using just the flag. This protects the holes when the flag has been left in for putting (since you no longer have to reach into the hole and damage the edges), protects the backs of older golfers and speeds up the game.

The PickCup has already been approved by R&A.