BIONIC – adapted to the anatomy of your hand

Developed by one of the world’s leading orthopedic hand specialists, this glove supports the natural grip while reducing the effort required with anatomically placed inserts on the back of the hand and finger.

Anatomical relaxation pad

The anatomically placed inserts in the Bionic gloves compensate for the bumps of the hand bones. Bionics gloves thus improve the strength of the handle and prevent fatigue of the hands. In addition, blisters and calluses are prevented, joints are protected and you retain your natural grip strength for a complete round of golf.

Rotation finger design

Unlike conventional gloves with straight fingers, Bionic gloves with the fingers twisted follow the natural movement of the hand. Bionic is more comfortable, feels like a second skin and naturally moves with your fingers.

Operation zones

By using stretchy and breathable Lycra material, motion zones are added over the ankles and between the fingers. Bionic offers increased flexibility and natural dexterity while keeping your hands cool and dry.