Lignum Tee 72 mm

Lignum Tee 72 mm 2-3/4“ Special Mix

Lignum Tee 72 mm 2-3/4″ Classic White

Lignum Tee 72 mm 2-3/4″ Classic Mix

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RINGSYSTEM – The Power of Height Consistency.

The first Tee with integrated height control – the innovative mechanism allows players to quickly and easily set up the same height over and over again

Lignum Ringsystem

EASY EXIT –  The Benefit of Lignum Polybag.

The Easy Exit system allows for simple and fast removal of single Tees, with no package tear down. The Smart Bag protects your fingers and hands from Tee tip pricks and preserves your golf bag.

Lignum Easy Exit System

MICROWOOD –  The Power of a New Material.

A specially developed material ensures perfect stability and flexibility. It consists of wood particles and natural adhesives for maximum long life performance.

MANUFACTURING – Absolutely Fair. 

Lignum Tee is produced exclusively in Europe, a child-labour free and fair compensation part of the world.

Produktanfrage Lignum Tee 72 mm