New products and innovative designs from Golf Tech for 2013


The retailer magazine PROSHOP EUROPE (February 2013) published a great story about our new range for 2013,




"And the winner is..."

We are very proud to announce that even two of our products won the prestigious Golf Europe Product Award 2012.

The BLADE, with its unique folding design, is sleek and sporty and also has innovative technology. It Is the latest member of the growing BIG MAX trolley family and convinced the jury to make its award to this unique trolley.
The new BLADE trolley not only fits the definition of the ultra-compact category, but actually creates the need for a new trolley category of its own. With the BLADE trolley, BIG MAX has succeeded in bringing to market the most spectacular trolley in terms of design and functionality. With its ultra-slim design it stands out from the crowd of functional push trolleys. The Blade scores highly once again as it can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of a few seconds because the wheels automatically flip out.

Thanks to the new and comfortable Crocs golf shoes, we were honored to receive our second Product Award.
Crocs shoes are the first true hybrid golf shoes, which combine the extreme comfort of a usual Crocs shoe with the extra solid traction of modern golf shoes. Crocs developed a unique, patented one-piece manufacturing process, that allows to build the sole and insole as one piece, where all competitors have multiple layers. This reduces the weight dramatically, improves comfort and adds stability and traction. So Crocs is the first true Hybrid golf shoe, that delivers both – performance, comfort and style.